ADHD Shared Care Prescribing Policy

The practice may accept shared care prescribing for ADHD medications if the following
criteria are met:

  1. No under 18’s
  2. Service must be led and assessed by a UK licenced, GMC registered Consultant Physician, or Psychiatrist in their field of expertise.
  3. We must be satisfied with the quality of the assessment and diagnostic process.
  4. Patient must be started and stabilised on a recognised North West London Integrated
    Care Board formulary medication, free from adverse effects and on the same medication at the same dose for a minimum of at least 6 months depending on the treatment.
  5. Full shared care information and monitoring required to be sent to us.
  6. You must proactively arrange, attend and complete all required monitoring with us.
  7. You must ensure that you arrange and attend all required reviews (minimum annually) with the specialist.
  8. Any change in dose or medication must be determined by the original specialist e.g.
    change of dose, lack of stock (we are not responsible for stock shortages in pharmacies).
  9. Timely and effective communication from the initiating specialist when it is needed for any queries or concerns we may have.
  10. The practice has capacity to accommodate the shared care prescribing request.
  11. If transfer to NHS care is required or requested for eligible patients, the private specialist will arrange this themselves.